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Introducing the Automatic Balancing Unit - the "ABU" Glide


ABU is short for Auto Balancing Unit. A two wheel smart scooter (or hoverboard) designed around the popular "Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Technology". Similar to a Segway, but with no handlebars and easier to learn than its single wheel counterpart. Nicknamed "The Hoverboard" by many media articles, the ABU Glide is making headlines all over social media with celebrities, bloggers, video bloggers and athletes featuring the ABU Glide in videos, news articles and public events.


Why buy from us?

  • Unlike similar companies, we have our own repairs workshop which offers free repairs beyond the standard warranty term.
  • Our unique and protected blend of TPU - "AZ-TPU" is the strongest on the market. No other company has access to this.
  • We only use German made original Ti-Zip Zippers.
  • Unique product designs - more durable and easier to maintain than cheaper copies offered elsewhere.
  • Free shipping worldwide (Depending on product and quantity)
  • Full business support available including web hosting, domain registration, website, point of sale materials and flyers.
  • Referred work from our website hire enquiries.
  • Training sessions offered with experienced staff.
  • Demonstrations and site visits available.
  • We always offer you a fast, reliable and professional service.
  • We provide you with full after-sales support and are available via email and phone to answer any questions you may have.
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